The Truth About Czars


How do you avoid asking the people to approve who governs them? Create a government within their government, and call them Czars.

For over 200 years, leading members of our government were required to be approved by Congress, thereby enforcing representation by the people.

Those days are over.

The creation of an army of Czars that do not require the people’s approval is like a virus invading our government, creating a government within a government.

Each Czar duplicates a position that already exists in our government, replacing a position that was approved by the people for one that was not.

Now, there are two governments of the United States, the “old school” government represented by the people (per the Constitution) and the “new school” government represented by the President (not per the Constitution).

Of the 32 Czars appointed by President Obama, we only know how much 9 of them are paid.  None of them have term limits.  Only 3 were approved by The People.  Eleven Czars report directly to Obama, 5 more directly to Hillary Clinton and 1 to Joe Biden.  The title of many of Obama’s Czars are cryptic, such as his Auto Recovery Czar, Central Region Czar, Faith Based Czar, Great Lakes Czar, Pay Czar, etc… (a full list is available below).


Czars replace existing government functions, like a virus replacing healthy cells where they can continue to function undetected.  They perform functions that already exist in congressionally approved federal agencies, but without the approval.

In 1973, Richard Nixon appointed the first Czar (where the term was actually used), his Energy Czar.  Between 1973 and 2000, a total of 27 years, presidents only averaged 2 czars per administration.

Suddenly, beginning in 2001, George W. Bush put the Czar concept on steroids and explosively expanded the total from 2, to 31.  Barack quickly followed suit with 32 (potentially 35) of his own, but unlike Bush who at least pretended to care about the Constitution and have 17 of his Czars confirmed by the Senate, Barack has only confirmed 3.  Bush started us down this two-government road and Obama is more than happy to add more lanes.

Is it just a coincidence that the first administration to severely erode our constitutionally guaranteed personal freedoms also created an unconstitutional shadow government that operates within our own like a virus?   Meanwhile, the current administration which is responsible for the largest increases in social welfare and deficit spending in the history of the United States continues to expand this same shadow government.

Click on the image below to review all of the current administration’s Czars (new government virus) and the federal agency that already performs that function (old government cell).  The file also includes their salary and if they were approved by the people.


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