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break lineThe mainstream media successfully maligned the Tea Party as a group of bigoted, racist, myopic, anti-progressive, homophobic, gun-toting, white supremest, anarchist, right wing christian fundamentalists. Did I cover everything MSNBC and all you Liberals out there?

I am here today to tell you that as an intelligent, analytical, critical thinking, socially liberal, fiscally conservative, successful, agnostic, educated family man, that does not support the Republicans nor the Democrats, and has been voraciously researching our history, our economics and our monetary and fiscal policy for over nine years now, that everything negative you have heard about the principles of the Tea Party is a lie.

By now Americans should realize that the mainstream media is our enemy. The media is just a corporation, like any other corporation, that sees the writing on the wall, and that writing says that Big Government is here to stay, and get bigger, so rather than fight the government, corporations are joining the government…so when it’s all said and done they will have a comfortable seat at the table and their wealth, power and income are intact. The corporations that own the majority of news outlets are simply making sure that a little white “Reserved” sign is placed neatly on their seat.

This has all been done before. This thing, fascism. Our Government is not reinventing the wheel, they are simply taking an old splintery one out of the basement, blowing the dust off, and declaring this mothballed creation their own. We have heard of the word “fascism,” but few of us really know what it means. Benito Mussolini once said, “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” Misdirected, the Occupy Wall Street Movement incorrectly blamed capitalism (which died many years ago) for the devastated economy they saw around them when it was really the effects of corporate fascism that they were seeing, feeling, and rebelling against.

Our Government is crushing us with the old dusty wheel where corporations are using the Government to get what they want, in exchange for their help in getting the Government what it wants. Over time, the Constitutional firewalls that prevented this bastard partnership from happening have slowly been removed, so now what we decry as unfair capitalism, is really the greedy and tyrannical partnership between the corporation and the state known as corporate fascism. Since true capitalism is what would save our country, where Government is absent from the free market and corporations are forced to compete against each other, fairly, for your dollar, the Government and the media are more than happy to feed, and nurture, and grow, our hatred for capitalism…they hate it too, because they know it would destroy them.

Corporate fascism. We need look no further than the corporate banking industry. The housing bubble and subsequent crash that led to our current decade-long economic anemia was caused by a partnership between our Government and the banks. In this case, the Government acted like an evil, threatening inner-city bully that muscled the banks into giving loans to people that could not afford them and when these same banks started failing, the Government swooped in with a fist full of billions in tax payer dollars and bailed them out (see my post on how the Government forced banks to cause the housing bubble here).

But the goal had been achieved. The Government complained about unfair home lending standards, then forced the banks to give loans to people they weren’t previously loaning to because those people too often failed to pay the loans back, and when those people the banks accurately predicted would fail to pay the loans back, the Government bailed out the banks with our money. But in the end, the Government looks like a hero…twice. First for getting “victims” of “unfair lending practices” into their homes and then “saving” the collapsing banking industry which would have “collapsed” our economy. And that was the whole point from the beginning. They knew what they were doing, and they did it, and then sacrificed capitalism as the scapegoat for all that went wrong. And the media of course claps and kudos the Government on every channel for their foresight and benevolence in saving homeowners from evil banks and then saving banks from evil capitalists. The Government caused the housing bubble. They caused the collapse. They caused our current economic anemia. And then we line up to vote for more of this and say, “Thank You Sir. May I have another?”

Another such unspoken partnership agreement is corporate medias attempts to destroy any opposition to our growing tyrannical Government. What the corporate media perpetuates about the Tea Party is an effort to secure that little white sign at Government’s table. The truth is that the Tea Party is none of those things that the media and Liberals portray them to be. The Tea Party believes in three things. I repeat, three things only (click here).

  1. Fiscal Responsibility
  2. Constitutionally Limited Government
  3. Free Markets

That’s it, and that is what it has always been since the beginning, and I know this because I was there. I’ve been to their rallies. I’ve met them personally. I financially support them. I have become one. I am part of the Liberty Movement.

The reason that The Tea Party is none of the things that the media and Liberals portray them as, is because the core of what they believe prevents them from being any of those things. For example, because of #2 in the list above, The Tea Party does not believe the Federal Government should make laws about abortion or gay marriage or healthcare, etc… The Constitution specifically empowers each State in the Union to decide these laws on their own, not the Federal Government, but we are not taught that in our government schools, we are not shown that in our biased news media, so how would we know about this fact any other way than by learning it for ourselves or having someone, like me, tell it to you, just like someone else told it to me?

The videos or news clips or reports you may have seen about Tea Party individuals are just that…about individuals. Individuals who espouse a desire or belief that is contradictory to the Tea Party viewpoint but call themselves a supporter of the Tea Party.

Hitler was a Christian. Does that mean that all Christians would, if given the chance, think and act like Hitler? Obviously that is absurd. So when an individual voices a racist, or homophobic, or elitist viewpoint while calling themselves part of the Tea Party, it only means that these views are in addition to, and can be contradictory with, the three principles the Tea Party believes in.

There is no membership card. There are no annual dues. No certification test. Anyone can call themselves part of the Tea Party, just like Hitler could aggravate and frighten Christians everywhere by saying he’s a Christian. The mainstream media only focuses on those members of the Tea Party who share ancillary beliefs that are not part of, and often contradict, the views of the Tea Party itself and then through incessant, mind numbing repetition, they bludgeon your mind with the same inflammatory words over and over and over again until you subconsciously associate the term “Tea Party” with words like bigot, racist and extremist because the media never says “Tea Party” without an inflammatory adjective nearby.

Some people remind me that Ron Paul is pro-life, and that many people in the Tea Party are Christians, and the concern is that if the Tea Party were to gain control, abortions would be banned, gay marriage would be outlawed, etc… To these people I say, “Have you heard about the Libertarian Conspiracy? We want to take over the Government and leave you alone.”

Ron Paul could not, and would not, approve or suggest a Federal law banning or promoting abortion, or gay marriage or any other social issue because he recognizes that according to the Constitution, the President of the United States is the weakest man in America. It is The People, and the States, that have the power, that decide these laws for themselves, only at the State level, not with the Federal Government. That is how it is written in the Constitution and Ron Paul, and Tea Party Members follow the Constitution, so their individual religions or beliefs are irrelevant because they honor the Constitution and the Constitution forbids anyone from forcing their opinions, viewpoints, religions or other personal beliefs on anyone else. We call this Freedom…from each other. This is the Founder’s Vision. This is the Constitution.

Americans have been  so trained, so brainwashed, to assume that whoever is President or makes up Congress, is the one who decides the law of the land. The Constitution empowers only the States to make such laws. The Federal Government, according to the Constitution, is the weakest Government in America. The States are more powerful than the Federal Government and The People are more powerful than the States. In order to turn this upside down, Government had to convince Americans that all power flows down from them, not up from The People. The exact opposite of what the Constitution says. And Americans bought into it, and now they just assume that’s how it’s supposed to be simply because that is how it’s always been. Well it hasn’t always been that way. Those Americans are wrong.

The Tea Party. Fiscal responsibility means don’t spend what you don’t have. Constitutionally limited government means smaller Government and returning power, control and law making to the States and to The People. Free markets, means real capitalism, where corporations do not receive favors, subsidies, grants or beneficial regulations or laws to give them an advantage over any other corporation anywhere in the world, where all corporations and companies must compete for customers on a fair and even playing field not a Government distorted, manipulated, controlled, fascist one where corporations pay to play.

This is The Founders Vision for America, and we are losing sight of it.

break line

The video above is the two minute short version. The video below is the longer, music video version.

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