Blacks are Racist

Let’s be honest, most blacks are racist.Expired-Racecard-65647286990

If we are really honest about it, within their representative percentage of the total population, most whites are not racist, and most blacks are.

Sure, there are some white people that are racist, but they can’t hold a candle to the structural, foundational, echo-chamber group-think of the black racist collective in America today.

And sure, there are some blacks that are not racist, and I applaud them for realizing the lies they are being told and applying their intelligence and ambition to achieving their goals, just like everyone else.

Since rioting is in the news of late, do you all remember hearing about the white riots when O.J. was acquitted? Yeah, me neither, yet even among blacks the wink wink is that OJ did it, but got away with it. Silly white people.

What about all the stories of black boys and men ganging up on and beating white people? Never makes national news. What about a black man playing knock-out with a pregnant woman knocking her and her unborn baby to the ground, unconscious? Nope. Don’t hear much about it. There are stories every week that never make the news. But if a white man had punched out a black pregnant woman…oh my, the fury of hell that would swell up from the Devil himself and consume the black underclass in their bloodthirsty rage and desire for revenge.

So you may ask…am I a racist? Yes I am! I one of the millions of proud black and white racists that are racist against racists, so if you are a black racist that is racist against white people for no other reason than their being white, then I am talking to you!

What we have in America today is a permanent underclass that is perpetually dependent on the welfare state for its very survival. A welfare state paid for almost entirely by white people. This irony should not be understated. In Ferguson, many blacks burned and looted the very businesses that pay the taxes that then show up on those same looters EBT cards.

If black racists hate white people so much, you would think they would be motivated enough to at least not be kneeling in front of the white man begging for the taxes on his paycheck so they could survive. Wouldn’t the greatest revenge be to become self-sufficient and no longer be enslaved to the white man’s charity?

How smart is it to bite, then gnaw off the hand that feeds you? Not very smart. Not very smart at all. But then, that’s why you’re a looter, right? Or are you going to tell me you’re a looter because of…….the white man?

In the deck of cards called “Life’s Excuses,” that race card is the most faded, crumpled, dog-eared, stained and man-handled card to ever grace the poker table of life. I gotta tell ya, and I’m speaking for all white people here, we’re all really tired of seeing it tossed on the table.

The race card has become a variant of Godwin’s Law that says the longer an argument goes on, the more likely someone is going to resort to Nazi references. But in the case of arguing with racist blacks, the race card is not the inevitable conclusion of the argument, it is the starting line. By leading off with the race card, the white man is immediately set upon his back foot defending the 32 Volume Set of “Racism in America” allowing the racist black to sit back comfortably and watch the show, no rational or logical argument required on his part at all.

This underclass that racist blacks have built lives in a darkness of their own creation. It is a class that has strong views supporting corporal punishment against its children (violence) and a class of which the majority spend at least some time in jail (the result of that violence).

It is a class with the highest divorce rates, the highest single mother rates, the highest crime rates and the highest recidivism rates, as a percentage of its population in America. Blacks 18 and under, as a percent of their representative population, are responsible for 50%, 60% and 70% and higher of various crimes while Asians, the “other minority,” all have crime rates below 1% for each of any manner of crime. If white people are so racist, why do Asians excel in America and outperform whites? Why do Asians commit almost no crime, while blacks commit exponentially more crime?

Racist blacks have created a class that gorges on itself. A cannibalistic class that robs, murders, rapes and sells drugs to its own kind. The overwhelming amount of crime committed by blacks is on other blacks.

It is a class that blames every ill, every conceivable failure in their own lives on the white man. They completely ignore that the majority of America, which is to say the majority of white people, voted a black man into the office of President, twice, while at the same time calling any question of his policies, his statements and his platforms as simply the evil of white racists, reason and logic be damned.

The ignorance, the apathy, the complete self-absorbed narcissism in that pit of this victim-hood is phenomenal. There exists today a class of society that accepts absolutely zero responsibility for every single problem and challenge it has, exporting all of it onto the shoulders of the white man and regurgitating daily some vast tin-hat conspiracy theory of secret handshakes and backdoor deals between the majority of white men to oppress the majority of black men (while somehow ignoring the Asian minority which outperforms even whites) as the only reason for the evils of the black underclass (and yet somehow this secret racist society could not prevent a black president).

Racist blacks have displayed a level of cognitive dissonance I previously thought impossible. To have access to an overwhelming amount of data that consistently proves these points, conclusively and irrefutably (even by Democrats), and then ignore it completely, and instead blame every problem on something that has no data and has never been proven, and is unsound by any rational or reasonable measure, is a monumental feat of ignorance and soul-ripping denial.

In the 50’s when America was far closer to the racism of previous eras, black families were stronger, black college enrollment was rising, incomes were higher, and black on black crime was lower. Blacks were entering their Golden Age as their incomes rose and they began moving higher and higher in middle class America.

Then came the welfare state and the Liberal apologists that spent considerable amounts of time convincing blacks that their struggle was in vain and to accept their lot in life as a permanent underclass because nothing they could do would ever appease their lord and master, the white man. Not only did this reverse the upward mobility of an entire class of people, but it taught blacks that they are a weak, infantile, naturally irresponsible and helpless class. The message sent by the Democrats and Liberals was that no matter how hard they tried, no matter how hard they studied, no matter where they moved, no matter how polite they were, the white man was not going to let them be any more than a bottom dweller feeding off the scraps the white men in charge threw to them and upon the meager marrow of their neighbors.

These are the same Democrats that supported slavery in the south, that fought against the north in the Civil War, that created the KKK and lynched black men with regularity, that passed laws to segregate blacks so a Democrat would not be forced to drink from the same water fountain as a black man, and fought tooth and nail to prevent racism from being eliminated in America. These same Democrats, having lost the war to maintain racism head-on, have simply outflanked their freedom supporting opponents and through welfare and the absolution of responsibility have condemned blacks to permanent slavery in the underworld of America. And who do blacks vote for 95% of the time? Democrats – the same political party that has endorsed, supported, legislated, lynched and finally condemned blacks to eternal slavery. This is an outrageous “WTF.” I simply can not understand it.

With Democrats providing this path of least resistance fueled by an ambition-gutting message of hopelessness and with EBT cards for the offering on the table, a majority of blacks descended into the underworld and now operate in the dark murdering, raping, robbing and pillaging each other – a whirlpool of violence that a white man occasionally falls into.

There is no outside solution. Racist blacks will forever be our underclass. Black on black crime will rise, jails will bulge, college attendance and middle class achievement will all continue to plummet. The Liberals will attempt to backstop this slide into an animalistic oblivion, not because they care about the black man – they don’t, but they do care about the black man vote, so they will forever provide more welfare money and more special class status to buy it. But as long as the free market is permitted to exist by the Government, the more blacks will fail despite special treatment due to their avoidance of education and personal responsibility. They will simply not be able to compete.

It is one thing for the state to force someone to give a black person a job, and another thing for that black person to be educated, motivated and ambitious enough to keep it.

The only people who can help blacks rise back to their former greatness, and beyond, are blacks.

But for now, and for the long-term foreseeable future, blacks will simply continue to hide and cower behind the gates of nonexistent institutional white racism, licking their self-inflicted wounds and applying the salve of Democrat and Liberal sympathies and altruism.

It’s a disgusting and shameful oppression of blacks by self-serving Liberals that refuse to allow an entire class of human beings to rise up and achieve what they are completely capable of, if not for the pandering, bleeding heart, hand-wringing masses of Democrat and Liberal whites and their fight for political survival that requires blacks to completely ignore the fact that they are voting, every election, to re-elect their oppressors.

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  1. Beautiful post. The liberal message is a self fulfilling prophecy. Those who eat it up do not succeed because they have been convinced that they cannot succeed, and they have been given an easy alternative. It is a terrible psychological trap which requires those ensnared to throw away guaranteed security in order to confront the fears liberals have been nurturing since their birth. They have been forced into a local maximum, from which escape is impossible without considerable pain and unfamiliar hardship. Counter-intuitively, their experience of life must drop before it can raise beyond the artificial ceiling created by the liberals.

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