Asian Man Attacks London- Stabs White People

When Asians AttackYesterday an Asian male drove a car into a crowd of people, then jumped out and started stabbing a bunch of white people. Fortunately, only four people were killed and twenty-nine injured. Sadly, we now say fortunately when death tolls are low, because attacks themselves are so common.

Will China or Japan or any of the other Asian nations release statements condemning this behavior? In fact, it appears that it was an “affluent” Asian that attacked London – and I know there are many upper middle class Asians in the United States. If terror attacks have now spread to Asian terrorists, perhaps Americans should rethink their relationships with Asian-Americans, re-evaluate our immigration policy from Asian nations and keep an eye on our Asian co-workers and Asian neighbors.

Or perhaps, the nut-wing Liberal Democrat left should not use the word “Asian” to describe a Middle Eastern terrorist. How about we start with that? The Nazi-Left ran with a quote from somebody saying the individual was Asian and never bothered to correct that statement. Sloppy journalism? Intentionally sloppy journalism? Trying to re-write who we should be scared of by calling Middle Easterners “Asian” now because they are on the Eurasian continent? Is that so Europe can continue to let unvetted Middle Eastern single young male immigrants infiltrate their nations because its the “Asians” that are killing people, not Middle Easterners? This better not become a Lefty trend and this was a trial balloon to see how well it works.

How do Asians feel about being in a headline associated with a deadly terror attack?  CNBC bent over backwards in their article to not identify the attacker at all, in any way. I guess that’s better than saying “Asian” but by now, surely, we know who he is and what he is.

I guess I should be happy he’s not being called “white hispanic” like CNN kept calling George Zimmerman after he shot Trayvon Martin.

Maybe this is a good thing for white people, or white hispanics, or white blacks or whatever we are since its always our fault when something bad happens. I mean…Asians have been left out of the hate loop for long enough. They are more successful, wealthier and more educated than white people so hey – it’s only fair the Liberal Left finds some Hate-Love for them too, so why not align Asians in everyone’s mind with terrorists. At least white people can  catch a break between our beatings.

Lastly, he was able to keep stabbing people with impunity until he finally came across one with a gun. #GunsKill. Bad guys.

London terror attacker was ‘Asian man in his 40s’ in car registered to affluent area

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  1. So you think the media is hoping that they will obscure the background of this man forever? That they are going to say “Asian” whenever they used to say “middle east” or something more specific and that the details like name, country of origin, exact race, etc will never come out? If your answer is yes, then perhaps you’ve been listening to too many conspiracy theorists lately. If the answer is no, then why would they even bother? What would be the point of using the more vague label of Asian only for it to come out within hours or days that he is in fact “Middle Eastern” as you assert?

    Or, is it more likely that reports start collecting statements from eye witnesses, police, and anyone that might have direct knowledge of the attacker’s appearance and background and repeat what they’ve been told in their reporting?

    Is it even important that the general public immediately knows the attacker’s race when he has already been caught or killed? If he is still on the run, the best possible physical description is certainly valuable, but otherwise, why not wait until it has been well confirmed?

    One of your links:

    Here is the 1st paragraph: “The man behind the terror attack on Parliament was identified by witnesses as an ‘Asian man in his 40s’ who was driving a car registered to an affluent area of Essex.”

    The CNBC article that you describe as bending over backward to avoid identifying the attacker was published at about the same time as the article, so perhaps they knew the information was not good enough to publish at all, as I mentioned previously as what I think is a good approach.

    The attacker’s name is Khalid Masood, a Muslim convert who has also been known as Khalid Choudry/Choudri. Choudry sounds like an Indian surname to me, in which case Asian would be a better description than Middle Eastern. He’s also British born, which I would guess makes him more likely of Indian descent than Middle Eastern.

    Do you actually know his race?

    • I’m saying that if this is something the media is going to do, that’s going to be some crap. I found three other news sites that reported this guy as Asian. Does that mean the Left has made a fundamental decision to do that? I didn’t say that. I said it could be a trial balloon to see how it goes over.
      As far as them reporting Asian forever, of course not, they can update it later with middle eastern or indian or whatever they want, but who cares what the follow up story is? When the Government reports the GDP numbers, they are almost always revised down a month later. Almost EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Does anyone know that? Does anyone care? It’s about that first headline blast that matters, after that, some people will find out he’s Middle Eastern or whatever and some won’t. The news cycle these days is a flash in the pan and people go with whatever they heard first. Is this a trend? No. Could it be? We will see.

  2. Regarding guns, the information I’ve come across only mentions the police officer being stabbed, no other stabbing victims. Did he really stab “people with impunity until he finally came across one with a gun”? You’re certainly right that a gun has the upper hand against a knife, but the reality is that a guy with a knife can be subdued far more easily than a guy with a gun.

    • You’re right. Let me change what I wrote to make it more accurate. The terrorist ran over many people who could not fight back as they were unarmed, then stabbed a police officer as he was also unarmed, and was finally put down by someone who was armed.

      • Yep, the bad guy with the knife was put down by the good guy with a gun. Lucky for Brits that there are far fewer bad guys with guns over there. I’m glad we have good guys with guns, it just sucks that the side effect seems to be more bad guys with guns too and good guys turn into bad guys sometimes. If only we had that pre-crime division up and running 😉

      • lol. Let me put on my tin hat and say, “It’s only a matter of time buddy.”

      • Maybe they’ll first make smart guns or smart bullets that pass moral judgement on the shooter and the target when someone attempts to pull the trigger. How hard can that be?

      • Just print the money, we can have anything! Can’t be that hard.

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