Amazon & Walmart Drive Down Healthcare Insurance Prices

Well, they would, if they had the same access to offer healthcare insurance as they do for groceries, since they are now engaged in a grocery price war

“The result in recent months has been a high-stakes race to the bottom between Walmart and Amazon that seems great for shoppers, but has consumer packaged goods brands feeling the pressure.”

How many more examples do we need where free-market capitalism proves yet again that competition, unfettered by government interference, regulations, nanny-statism, virtue signaling and narcissism will, I guarantee, drive down healthcare insurance prices, drive down the cost of providing healthcare, create jobs, increase efficiencies and the research and development of new surgical tools and techniques and provide more coverage to more people at a lower price. Just…like…everything…else…for…sale.

It’s just Econ 101 people, and most Americans skipped school that day.

Ever ask yourself why everything the Government controls, the prices go up, and everything the free market controls, the prices go down? Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Let us buy insurance across state lines. Why can’t we do that again, someone remind me, that makes no sense! How about buying insurance across international lines? How about tax free medical health insurance accounts we can use for anything health related with no limits? How about not tying health insurance to our jobs, so when people are forced or choose to switch jobs, and suddenly develop what then becomes a pre-existing condition between employers, they wouldn’t have to sweat it – still covered – because they took their insurance with them, no gap in coverage. How about not requiring insurance companies to cover treatments, services and drugs that people don’t want? How about some tort reform to protect doctors from our insanely sue-happy settlement loving population?

The fact that all of these problems that need reversing exist in the first place, TELLS YOU all you need to know about Government and Healthcare. Those problems did not spontaneously manifest, they were PUT THERE. They are laws written by YOUR Government.

It has always been, since Day One, all about Government clawing its way into your personal health business, eviscerating the free market of healthcare and healthcare insurance, and then offering itself as the only solution available to you if you want it fixed so you don’t die.

Then they break it some more when they “fix it” but tell you it would have been worse any other way, and Americans, the lemmings that they are, just believe it and accept their bondage.

I can think of no better way, outside of outright dictatorship, for a Government to enslave its population than to tie their citizens health, their very life, to the whims of their Government’s benevolence and financial insolvency.

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