Welfare State

US Government to punish citizens trying to leave the country – Joins China, former U.S.S.R. and other Socialist nations in turning citizens into slaves.

I applaud all Americans who denounce their citizenship and leave the United States to avoid paying taxes. These individuals are modern-day colonists, who like the original American colonists, fled England to found a new nation. Ironically, our modern-day American politicians are denouncing current… Read More ›

U.S. Unemployment Goes Up, Costs $8 to Insure $10 of Greek Debt from Default, Businesses Flee CA in Droves, Inflation Finally Makes it to MSM, Banks Fail Real Stress Test, and is Property Tax Going Away?

Government Hides Real Unemployment Numbers – Gallup Tells The Truth – Nobody Cares It’s clear to everyone that the government numbers on unemployment are heavily manipulated, and we all know they don’t include anyone who has stopped looking for work… Read More ›

Kid fined by Big Government for protecting Woodpecker – Mayor of Salinas loses half-mil of taxpayer money on “green energy” stupidity – Welfare peeps get free cell phones on your dime – Government ready to force you to use dangerous mercury bulbs “to save the environment”

True stories of Big Government crawling all over you – I get a new set of these every month. Here is last month’s… An 11 year old named Skylar Capo rescued a baby woodpecker from an attacking cat in Fredericksburg,… Read More ›

Alexis de Tocqueville explained 150 years ago how Big Government simply “gets in the way” reducing us to “timid and industrious animals” where everyone is responsible for everyone else, and individual freedom disappears.

I started reading a new book a few days ago and I came across this passage quoted from Alexis de Tocqueville. The relevance of this 150 year old passage to our current economic and political condition is frightening. Tocqueville describes… Read More ›


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