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The Danger of Ignorance

Hat tip to Clark Kent.

Obama voters interviewed in 2008 confirmed they support Obama based on his ideas…except the ideas they were asked if they supported were McCain’s.

I know many Obama voters from 2008, and they’re not stupid. The problem is that they voted, or will vote for him, for the wrong reasons.

If an Obama voter told me they support collectivism, Statism and redistribution of wealth and that Government should assume control of whatevere aspects of our lives they deem necessary to keep us safe, then I would consider them knowledgeable about Obama and simply someone who prefers a move towards Socialism and rejects Capitalism.

US Government to punish citizens trying to leave the country – Joins China, former U.S.S.R. and other Socialist nations in turning citizens into slaves.

I applaud all Americans who denounce their citizenship and leave the United States to avoid paying taxes. These individuals are modern-day colonists, who like the original American colonists, fled England to found a new nation. Ironically, our modern-day American politicians are denouncing current… Read More ›

*UPDATED* Super Bowl 2012 Will Use Airport Full-Body Scanners – Your Local Mall Is Next? PLUS – Homeland Security Develops New Interrogation Techniques, PsychoAnalysis, & Use of Lie Detectors at “Security Events,” i.e. Concerts and Stuff…

As posted by InfoWars, the TSA now denies the use of full-body scanners at the Super Bowl: UPDATE: Although WPRI’s Matt Touchette writes that “Lucas Oil Stadium told me I had to quote, “go through the body scanners” before entering… Read More ›


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